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Kelly Clarkson Continues At 1 For Second Week On Itunes Top 10

000 digital copies in its first week. Rebirth is an attempt to release the date of April 7. Clarkson lovelorn anthem could take # 1 on the Hot 100 for a week, but digital sales total won t be released until tomorrow. The single debuted at # 2 on the iTunes chart. My Life Would Suck Without You is in the top spot once again, having sold nearly 280. Kelly Clarkson is the # 1 song in the country and continued a second week at # 1 on iTunes Top 10 chart. The larger engine and a debut this week is Lil Waynes Prom Queen, the first single of her forthcoming album rock stained Rebirth.
5.2.09 13:06

George Clooney George Clooney Feared Er Would Never Be Released

And finally get a place in prime time. [Moonves] said, Do you like it? They said, it doesn t matter whether we like it. They thought it was a flop. We were an average of 40 million people a week, said Clooney. It is too fast, cannot keep the public. And said, What the hell have you done with our 2.5 million dollars? People magazine quoted him as saying.
5.2.09 13:06

Jill Scott T I Amp Kim Kardashian In La And Bet Quot Inauguration Day Coverage In Washington With Je

Plus, Kim Kardashian E! Keeping Up with the Kardashians is not t afraid to say ready for marriage and is anxiously awaiting a proposal from her boyfriend, NFL star Reggie Bush. Talk about mentoring at-risk children in its forthcoming MTV show Road to Redemption and Rescue Me star Larenz Tate talks about the racial politics that surround his character Black Sean in the exhibition fifth season. We ll hear from Jill Scott on his new HBO series The Lord n. 1 Detective Agency; T. A. From L. I.
5.2.09 13:06

Sounds Like John Mayer Quot Tuning Out Jennifer Aniston

The rocker, who was captured in a date of business with a beautiful blonde last week at Marix Tex Mex restaurant in Santa Monica, is back with Aniston at a private Super Bowl bash in Calabasas, California, Sunday.. Its not that John Mayer isn t that Jennifer Aniston hes just too busy for her.
5.2.09 13:06

Company Making Cash Off Bush Shoe Event

A brother of Iraqi journalist who threw the shoes to the President of the United States in Baghdad on Monday slammed George W Bush people worldwide who are trying to exploit the incident for commercial gain. It all nonsense. These people want to exploit what he did my brother, Durgham al-Zaidi said of his brother Muntazer actions after being told a turkish company claims to have manufactured the offending footwear..
5.2.09 13:06


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